Horizon Hospitality


                                                                                    Horizon Hospitality depends on your success.  
                                                                          Our ability to accomplish what we set out to
                                                                          do is based primarily 
on the people we hire.
                                                                          We are proud to call each and every
                                                                          one " partners".  We will always focus on our
                                                                          dedicated people.  We provide opportunities to
                                                                          develop skills, further your career
                                                                          and achieve your goals.

                                                                          At Horizon Hospitality, you will find a commitment
                                                                          to excellence among our partners as they emphasize 
                                                                          on respect in how we treat our customers and each
                                                                          other as well as dedication to social responsibility.

                                                                          We are always looking for people who are adaptable,
                                                                          self-motivators, passionate and creative team players.

                                                                          Horizon Hospitality is an Equal Employment Opportunity
                                                                          employer. All qualified applicants will receive 
                                                                          consideration for employment.

                                                                                   Horizon Hospitality is a growing company which 
                                                                         means that there are a lot of opportunities for advancement. 
                                                                         Our current plans call for continued expansion in areas 
                                                                         all around the country.

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